Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Monthly Artist Spotlight

Diana Ferrell serves desperately poor women and families in Uganda through Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI). Thanks to her vision, guidance and oversight about 300 to 500 very sick children get medical attention and treatment monthly. Thousands of helpless widows every year are learning life and job skills.

CWI partners with Wise Choices for Life (WCFL) to inspire a change of thinking among the youth, women and men. That they can make an informed decision on Sexual and Reproductive matters.

The CWI Craft Studio is one of their sustainable projects. The Craft Studio specializes in making cards with the uniqueness of beautiful multicolored Kitengi materials. The Studio also designs crown earrings, bracelets of beads and threads, scrunchies, headbands, and Kitengi animals. The purpose of the studio is to raise support for the CWI ministry projects so that CWI will not have to go to outside sources to continue its ministry into the future. The Craft Studio gives back to the community by offering free craft training to unemployed or underemployed women in the communities. These training can help empower women to generate their own income or add to their income to earn a living to help their families.

Here at Spearman Artisanry, we carry several of the items made by this ministry here in our Lynchburg locations as a way of supporting the work of Diana and the work of CWI.

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